There are many Eco-Friendly Cups Manufacturers in China and ACY Life one of them that supply these cups to the customers. The cups are made from bamboo and are durable in nature. People use disposable tea and coffee cups made up of plastic. They are not biodegradable and so is not eco-friendly.

Now bamboo cups are also available. These cups are durable and people can use them for a long time. The cups do not get stained easily so they can be used in front of guests. They are made from bamboo powder, which is made by grinding the bamboo plant whose age is five years or more. The powder can be shaped into any type of utensils like cups, plates, glasses, and many others. They can also be recycled so that new things can be developed from them.

People can also purchase China Biodegradable Tableware. They are light in weight and can be carried anywhere easily. The cups and tableware are made from bamboo fibers, which are mixed with cornstarch to form a paste. Resin is mixed to the paste and melamine is used as a binder. This increases the durability of the product and sustenance in high temperatures.