Coffeewood chews offer a natural and durable toy on which your dog can chew until their heart is content. The pleasantly sweet coffee fragrance is very well received by dogs of all ages and is ideal for dogs who simply love something different . The wood is free from the bark, thoroughly cleaned and of course contains no caffeine or other additives.

Particularly noteworthy is both the dental health benefits and also its offering of 0% fat conent. – the fine and soft wood fibers have a similar good cleaning effect as a toothbrush. Chewing also helps to strengthen the bite muscles of young and old. The wood originating from Africa does not splinter, but merely frayed. In addition, the quillons float in the water and is ideal for retrieving in the water during the warm summer months.

Our Coffeewood Chews are 100% sustainable and come from residual wood, which accumulates during the annual rejuvenation of the coffee plants.
Because no tree is specially cleared, this great chew fits perfectly into AYC’s sustainability philosophy.

Are you still on the search for a long lasting and natural dog chew? We also stock a wide range of odour free Bull Pizzles which are often also known as Bully Sticks. They durability and tasty beef flavour will keep your dog entertained while enjoying a fully digestbile snack.

Tip from the AYC team: For dogs with allergies and / or overweight, our Coffee wood Chews are ideally suited, as they offer an allergy free alternative to other chew toys and are ofcourse 0% fat, perfect for over weight dogs would still have the urge to chew. Even for puppies, the consideration of coffee wood is a good alternative to breaking up shoes, table legs, etc. in the apartment!

Length, weight, diameter and shape can vary as it is a 100% pure natural product.

Please replace the coffee wood quill as soon as it is heavily shredded or so small that it could be inadvertently swallowed by your dog.