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Wheat Straw Chopping Blocks, Kitchen Anti-slip Rectangular Straw Fiber Chopping Board, Eco-friendly Anti-slip Wheat Straw Cutting Board Wheat Fiber Chopping Board, Ecological Strawbased Particle Board, Wheat Fiber Chopping Boards

Straw Chopping Blocks Anti-slip Straw Fiber Cutting Boards Part No.:



Don’t be caught again without an extra cutting board.
A double-side cutting board designed by AYC. It made out from rice husks fibre. Prevent cutting fruit with raw meat, seperate with front surface for meat, back surface for veggies and fruits. Natural colour, simple and ergonomic desinged.
These sophisticated boards are a welcomed addition to any
kitchen and great as gifts. With its dual sided: Juice Groove for carving on one side, flat for prep on the other. It is also Knife Friendly, scores slightly to protect your cutlery.
This cutting board is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. All Husk’sware products are eco-friendly, biodegradable…and healthy!
Additional info: Resistant to high temperature differences: -30 C to 120 C. It is diswasher (Not for steaming or baking).

Straw is a renewable resource. Unlike trees, which may take 20 years to grow to a size that is useful for timber production, straw is produced each year with a new crop. Shortages of straw should be rare and very short term, until a new crop is produced. Agrologists suggest that many farmers would be happy to give away or sell their straw for a minimum price because there is usually much more straw than is required to maintain soil health.

Straw particleboard production is environmentally friendly. It uses an input that is often burned (which increases pollution) to make a product that can replace wood-based products. By using more straw and fewer trees, it preserves the forests and the environment. This benefits wildlife, outdoorsmen, and general nature lovers. As well, the methylene-diphenyl-diisocyanate (MDI) resin, the binding agent for strawboard is non-toxic and doesn’t produce harmful emissions from the finished product.

The Physical Properties of Straw Chopping Blocks, Strawboard
Strawboard offers several advantages over wood-based particleboard:
manufactured from an inexpensive, annual renewable resource, greater structural strength, greater fire and moisture resistance, more dimensionally stable (resists warping better than wood), greater screw retention, improved machinability characteristics (sanding and finishing), and non-toxic (formaldehyde free).



Product Details

Item No. Description Size (cm) Style Pattern
J31510R-BLACK ANTI-SLIP STRAW CUTTING BOARD 20.5 x 15 x 0.65 Nature
J31511R-BLACK ANTI-SLIP STRAW CUTTING BOARD 28.2 x 23.2 x 1.6 Nature