Eco-friendly Bamboo Powder Canister Storage Set

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  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Powder Canister Storage Set

Eco-friendly Bamboo Powder Canister Storage Set, Bamboo Fiber Storage Round Bowls with PP Lid, ECO Kitchenwares Environmental Bamboo Fiber Bambooware Round Canister China Supplier

3-Piece Eco-friendly Bamboo Powder Canister Storage Set
K21501;  6.5″STORAGE BOWL:Φ17×7.3cm
K21502; 7.5″STORAGE BOWL:Φ19×7.6cm
K21503; 8.3″STORAGE BOWL:Φ21x8cm

3 pieces storage set is using natural material bamboo fiber bowl and pp lid, eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. Atistic and fashionable design make life exquisite.
• Food safe approved by LFGB, FDA, dishwasher safe and BPA free.
• Stainable material and anti-bacterial
• Easy to clean due to smooth inside finish.
• Design can be customized.
• Fresh&natural appearance
• Durable use
• Temperature resistance:-20℃ to 110℃
• With unique rustic texture


Bamboo Powder Canister Storage Set Round bowl with several sizes, household fruit and vegetable bowl, it have a large capacity for storing food, and it is very easy to clean. Different sizes to meet the needs of different people. Large capacity of a square salad bowl, satisfy your production process, it even can fit into a rich food, more delicious, more attractive. Bamboo fiber as raw materials, after using easy to be cleansing, it is more healthy when eating, at the same time it also has the very good heat insulation function, in order to avoid scald.
Purpose: Salad bowls, Fruit bowls, Vegetable bowls,ect.
Color: Green, white,yellow, pink.
Main Material: Bamboo fiber
Packing: We can make what you need.
Warm prompt: Bamboo fiber tableware not resistant to fall off, please do not use steel wire ball cleaning brush.

Bamboo Fiber Canister Bowls OUR ADVANTAGES:
1. All products` main material is bamboo fiber, the content of the bamboo fiber is more than 45%.
2. After the completion of the life cycle of product degradation simple, non-toxic, no residue, is more conducive to improved soil quality, truly natural return.
3. Products bright color, styles.
4. All of our products had passed the ROHS and FDA test by the relative National authoritative departments.
5. We own the professional team, all of us are committing to research and development and product the green environmental protection products.

Bamboo Fire Canister Storage Set MORE DETAILS:
The trading items we can accept:
If you have some special requirements, please contact us.
The way of payment:
T/T, 30% deposit, 70% before shipment
When we establish trade relations, we can discuss about the payment together. And I am sure that we can into agreement.
Can we use the new design from customers?
Of course, it is no problem.
But due to it not our existing product, need to open a new mould to product. And your need to pay for the mould fee.
If you need to painting on the products which you designed, please provide us the clear pictures, it is also need to pay for the plate.
Please send us the design picture and size of the products, if you have samples is will be better, and we can open a mould more accurate.
The questions about samples:
1. If you want to know our products` texture and feeling, and need us to provide one of our products, you need to bear the freight.
2. If you need to open a new mould and product the sample, you also need to pay for the mould.
3. The time to make a sample: 30 days. Because it is according to the customer`s requirements, it may need you to make sure many detail information, and make a mould need about 5 days, so the time will a little longer.
4. The way of payment: pay the fee before we open a new mould
If you don`t need to make a new mould, please pay for the freight first, or you can use the account number of FEDEX or DHL.
When can customers get our quotation?
We will reply you within 24 hours when we get your quotation.
If you need us to make a new mould, it will need a little longer time, because we need engineer to estimate the price on a new mould. But we promise that it will not more than 48 hours.
Can there be an inventory?
We have a big spare to storage your products, so it won`t be a problem.


Product Details

Item No. Description Size (cm) Style Pattern
K21501 6.5″ STORAGE BOWL Φ17 x 7.3  6301
K21502 7.5″ STORAGE BOWL Φ19 x 7.6  6301
K21503 8.3″ STORAGE BOWL Φ21 x 8  6301