Bamboo Fiber Children Dinnerware Set

/Bamboo Fiber Children Dinnerware Set
  • Heat-resistant Bamboo Fiber Kids Dinnerware Set

Bamboo Fiber Children Dinnerware Set, Bamboo-plastic Children Cutlery, Meal Set, Baby Tableware & Dishware, Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Children Carbon Tableware, Kids Bamboo Fiber Dishes Dinner Set

Bamboo Fiber Children Dinnerware Set feature:

K25205;9″KIDS PLATE:23×17.5×2.5cm
K24202;6OZ KIDS BOWL:14×11.7×4.5cm
K28202;8OZ KIDS CUP:Φ7.5×9.6cm
K12201;KIDS SPOON&FORK:13.7×2.8×0.6cm
K25202;6″KIDS PLATE:15.2×15.2×2.3cm
K26201;KIDS SPOON:14.4×3.5×0.5cm

Bamboo Fiber Baby Feeding Set Features:
As tough as melamine plate, yet safer.
Rounded cutlery, safe for babies.
Shatter and break-proof.
Biodegradable thus environmentally friendly
Dishwasher Safe
Includes: plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon
Dishwasher safe and made from 100% biodegradable bamboo
Fun colorful cow themed design
FDA approved kid safe dishes
Eco-friendly alternative to plastic and melamine dishes

The cartoon themed 5 piece bamboo fiber kids dinnerware set is a colorful, durable and next generation kids safe dish set that promotes self-feeding habits, is easy to handle for small hands, helps contain mess and provides an environmental solution to plastic dishware. This sustainable kid dish set is specifically designed for children who are beginning to eat on their own. Bamboo is a safe and environmentally friendly solution for families looking for positive alternatives to caustic melamine/plastic kid plates. This set is made from 100% bamboo and retains all the strength and beauty of traditional plastic materials, but with the added benefits of eco-friendly bamboo construction. Our bowls, plates, cups and utensils are all biodegradable, so you can feed your children safely, consciously and with fun. This cartoon themed bamboo kids dish set is colorful and stylish to keep you child engaged while eating, it’s ergonomically designed with rounded and safe sides for easier scooping. These bamboo dishes are FDA approved food safe, dishwasher safe and constructed with reusable bamboo ware. No harsh chemicals or bleaches are used and free of toxic polymers. This bamboo kid dish set is a perfect solution to plastic and melamine kid dishes. This cow themed bamboo dish set includes: one large divided section plate, one bowl, one drinking cup, one spoon utensil, one fork utensil.



Product Details

Item No. K11204 inclued: Description Size (cm) Style Pattern
K25205 9″KIDS PLATE 23×17.5×2.5 1109
K24202 6OZ KIDS BOWL 14×11.7×4.5 1109
K28202 8OZ KIDS CUP Φ7.5×9.6 1109
K12201 KIDS SPOON & FORK 13.7×2.8×0.6 1109
K25202 6″KIDS PLATE 15.2×15.2×2.3 1109
K12501 KIDS SPOON 14.4×3.5×0.5 1109