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Bamboo Fiber Baby Feeding Tableware & Dishware, Promotional Biodegradable Kids Dinnerware Set, Kids Feeding Tableware & Dishware, Easy-cleaning Kid Melamine Bamboo Fiber Dinnerware Sets China supplier

Bamboo Fiber Baby Feeding Tableware & Dishware

K25201;8.4″KIDS PLATE:21.3×21.3×2.5cm
K24203;8OZ KIDS BOWL:14x14x4cm
K28202;7OZ KIDS CUP:Φ7×9.6cm
K12201;KIDS SPOON&FORK:13.7×2.8×0.6cm

·Natural and eco-friendly,made from bamboo fiber,corn powder,rice hull etc.
·Biodegradable and disintergrated,organic designed.
·FDA&LFGB Food Safe Approved,selling hot in Germany and Japan etc.
·More environmental than plastic, more durable than ceramic.
·Dishwasher safe,not suitable for microwave or oven use.

Bamboo Kids Mealtime Set is specifically designed for children who are beginning to eat on their own. The colorful, durable next generation set promotes self-feeding habits, is easy to handle for small hands and helps contain mess.

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Product Details

Item No. K11201 inclued: Description Size (cm) Style Pattern
K25201 8.4″KIDS PLATE 21.3×21.3×2.5 1101
K24203 8OZ KIDS BOWL 14x14x4 1101
K28202 7OZ KIDS CUP Φ7×9.6 1101
K12201 KIDS SPOON & FORK 13.7×2.8×0.6 1101