15″ Eco-Friendly Serving Trays

/15″ Eco-Friendly Serving Trays
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15″ Eco-Friendly Serving Trays, Bio Bamboo Fiber Rectangular Tray, BPA Free Eco Bamboo Fiber Serving Tray, Bamboo Fiber Tray Rectangle Flower Colorful Tableware, Bamboo Fiber Tableware / Bamboo Fiber Flat Tray China Supplier

15″ Eco-Friendly Serving Trays
15″ TRAY

Tray is using natural material bamboo fiber, eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. Atistic and fashionable design make life exquisite.
• Food safe approved by LFGB, FDA, dishwasher safe and BPA free.
• Stainable material and anti-bacterial
• Easy to clean due to smooth inside finish.
• Design can be customized.
• Fresh&natural appearance
• Durable use
• Temperature resistance:-20℃ to 110℃
• With unique rustic texture


Why choose biodegradable eco-friendly products Bamboo Powder Serving Trays ?
1. Our products are made of natural plant fiber such as bamboo, straws and rice hull which are not only abundant in China but renewable and in endless supply.
2. Our products are friendly to environment. The products can naturally biodegrade into organic fertilizer in landfill after discarded or buried in the soil for 180 days. For plastic, the time is several decades or even hundreds years to biodegrade into harmless scraps.
3. Our products do not contain any harmful or toxic material. The natural component is over 99%. The bright color is added by extracted from colorful vegetables and plants. For plastic, it uses synthetic material and easily ages, breaks, becomes softer and loses mechanical strength, thus shorten useful time and waste resources.
4. Our products adopt unique patent technology, meet the international standards and have passed a series of tests such as FDA, LFGB and SGS. The biodegradable eco-friendly products are perfect substitutes for plastic and ceramic products yet with much more advantages.

What are the advantages of our biodegradable eco-friendly products?
1. Made from natural plant fiber like bamboo fiber, rice hull and wheat bran; sustainable and absolutely healthy for human.
2. Formed by compression molding at high temperature; heat-resistant and of high strength
3. 365days to biodegrade into organic fertilizer after buried in soil; absolutely eco-friendly
4. Chic and minimalist design, sure to complement most table settings, whether retro or contemporary.
5. Elegant products with unique rustic texture and bright colors; aesthetic and natural
6. Available to customize to your size, shape, and PMS color (Pantone Matching System); abundant choices.
7. Silk screen and thermal transfer printing; outstanding your logo.
8. Temperature tolerance: -10℃ to 120℃ (14 ℉ to 248℉)


Product Details

Item No. Description Size (cm) Style Pattern
K27502 15″ TRAY 38.4×28.5×2 6502;6501;6401