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Ningbo AYC Biological Technology, committed to making non-toxic and eco-friendly reusable PLA Products. PLA stands for polylactic acid, which is a polyester derived from renewable resources including corn starch, tapioca roots, and sugarcane. The environmental advantage of PLA is that it is 100% bio-degradable and compostable with food waste. With sufficient humidity, temperature, oxygen and bacteria level, PLA will be consumed by microorganisms and decompose into water and carbon dioxide, making eco-friendly plates, there is zero PP/PE/PS/PVC/PET or petroleum-based plastics in PLA, which makes it an ideal material for baby products. Other ideal feature of PLA are that it is able to retain aroma, it is printable and biodegradable, and it has a low burning temperature with zero toxic emissions.

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5Pcs PLA Kids Dinnerware Sets

5Pcs PLA Kids Dinnerware Sets, PLA Kids Feeding Sets, Biodegradable PLA dinner set, Kid Dinnerware set, PLA Children Dinnerware set, Bio and Eco Dinnerware set 5Pcs PLA Kids Dinnerware Sets Cod.AYC-B011 Pattern: Green,Blue,Pink Kids Dinnerware Set inclued: 8″KIDS PLATE Cod.AYC-B009 Size:23x19x3.6cm 8OZ KIDS BOWL Cod.AYC-B002 Size:15.4x12x5.2cm 5.5″OZ PLA CUP Cod.AYC-B003 Size:9.4×7.2×7.5cm KIDS SPOON&FORK Cod.AYC-B004 Size:13.8×2.8cm 5 […]

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15OZ PLA Eco Coffee Cups with Silicone Lid

15OZ PLA Eco Coffee Cups with Silicone Lid, PLA Coffee Cup, Eco Friendly Material Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup with Lid and Silicone, Eco PLA Coffee Mug Cup with Silicone Lid, Eco-friendly HEALTHY BIODEGRADABLE COFFEE CUP China Supplier 15OZ PLA Eco Coffee Cups with Silicone Lid Cod.AYC-D008 Pattern:Black;White Size:Φ8.0x18cm 14OZ COFFEE CUP is using natural material , free […]