Eco Friendly Tableware Manufacturers“Working towards healthier life today and a better environment tomorrow!”

Plastic items choke our oceans and land-fills for hundreds of years to come.Why not use a natural or recyclable products for our life? One such item is one less plastic one . Please join us in this endeavor.

Live Green! Live Beautiful!

AYC-”Always Your Choice” is created out of passion for Eco and innovative household products.
Ningbo AYC Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is mainly committed to making creative Bamboo and PLA based products.They are healthy, Natural and biodegradable. After accumulating over 10 years molding experiences and capabilities, we felt that the time is ripe and established our office in 2013 and also invested our factories to give better support.

Up to now, we have hundreds of products to offer. We sincerely welcome you to approach us. Let us serve your product needs and make a greener planet.

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Ningbo AYC Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in developing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of Safe Dinnerware. As a leading manufacturer, we have three eco-friendly biodegradable material: Bamboo Fiber, PLA and Straw. We OEM for UK leading bamboo dinnerware distribution companies for 7 years.  After decade of expansion, we have grown to be one of the important safe eco-products suppliers in China. Products include:

•Bamboo Fiber Kids Feeding                 •PLA Kids Dinnerware
•Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup                     •PLA Coffee Cupe
•Bamboo Fiber Feeding                           •PLA Water Bottle
•Bamboo Fiber Drinking                         •Bamboo Fiber Serving
•Bamboo Fiber Bread Bin                       •Bamboo Fiber Canistor
•Bamboo Cutting Board                           •Straw Cutting Board

Because of up-to-date styles, high quality and competitive price, our product isalready exported to America, Canada, Australia, UK and 25 other countries andregions. The image below shows the distribution of our major customers:

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